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Angler's World is your go-to destination for a wide range of jacks and dollies that provide convenience and efficiency when it comes to trailer maintenance and maneuverability. Our selection includes trailer jacks, tongue jacks, and leveling jacks, designed to support and stabilize your trailer during loading, unloading, and storage. We also offer a variety of dollies and wheel casters that make it easy to move your trailer in tight spaces or when unhitched. Whether you need a swivel dolly, boat dolly, or wheel caster, our products are built with durability and maneuverability in mind.

Jacks & Dollies - Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Jacks & Dollies? Angler’s World offers our extensive Jacks & Dollies FAQ below. You’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions for novice boaters and seasoned anglers alike, ensuring you always have the best experience on the water.

What Are Trailer Jacks?

Trailer jacks are devices used to lift and stabilize trailers, making it easier to attach and detach them from a tow vehicle. They typically consist of a telescoping post, a foot or wheel for stability, and a crank mechanism to raise or lower the trailer.

What Types of Trailer Jacks Are Available?

There are several types of trailer jacks available:

Tongue Jacks: These jacks are mounted on the trailer's tongue and are used to lift the front end of the trailer. They are commonly used on boat trailers and small utility trailers.

Stabilizer Jacks: These jacks are positioned on the sides or corners of the trailer to provide stability when the trailer is parked or unhooked.

Scissor Jacks: Scissor jacks operate by a mechanical scissor-like mechanism and are often used on RVs and larger trailers.

Swing-Away Jacks: These jacks can be swung out of the way when not in use, providing more ground clearance for the trailer.

What Are Trailer Dollies?

Trailer dollies are wheeled devices used to move trailers, especially in tight spaces where a tow vehicle might not fit. They can be manual or motorized and provide maneuverability for trailers when they are not attached to a tow vehicle.

How Do I Choose the Right Trailer Jack?

Choosing the right trailer jack depends on the type of trailer you have, its weight, and your specific needs. Make sure the jack's weight capacity matches or exceeds the trailer's tongue weight, and consider factors like ease of use and durability.

How Do I Properly Use a Trailer Jack?

When using a trailer jack, follow these steps:

Place the jack on firm and level ground.

Engage the jack's wheel or foot to prevent sinking into the ground.

Position the jack under the trailer's tongue or designated lifting point.

Use the crank mechanism to raise or lower the trailer until it's at the desired height.

Secure the trailer using additional stabilizer jacks if needed.

How Do I Choose the Right Trailer Dolly?

Choosing the right trailer dolly depends on the size and weight of your trailer, as well as whether you prefer a manual or motorized dolly. Consider the dolly's weight capacity, maneuverability, and compatibility with your trailer's hitch.

Can I Move a Trailer with a Trailer Dolly Alone?

Yes, you can move a trailer with a trailer dolly alone, especially if the dolly is motorized. However, larger trailers might require more effort to maneuver, and it's always recommended to follow safety guidelines and practice caution.

Where Can I Find Trailer Jacks & Dollies?

You can find trailer jacks and dollies at automotive supply stores, trailer dealerships, and online retailers that specialize in towing equipment and accessories.

Do I Need a Trailer Jack for Every Trailer?

It's not necessary to have a dedicated jack for every trailer. Some trailer owners might choose to use a portable or detachable jack that can be moved between trailers as needed.

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