Are you a fishing enthusiast who loves spending time on the water? Whether you enjoy the thrill of the catch or simply relish the serenity of being out in nature, having a reliable GPS chartplotter is essential for maximizing your fishing experiences. 

In this article, we’ll review and compare the top-selling GPS chartplotters specifically designed for fishing enthusiasts, BG Vulcan 9 Radar Bundle w/HALO20 Radar, Raymarine Axiom+ 12 - 12" MFD Chartplotter w/Navionics+ Chart, and the SI-TEX NavPro 1200 w/Wifi - Includes Internal GPS Receiver/Antenna.


    BG Vulcan 9 Radar Bundle w/HALO20 Radar


    The BG Vulcan 9 Radar Bundle is a powerful and comprehensive marine navigation system that combines the BG Vulcan 9 chartplotter with the HALO20 radar. The Vulcan 9 features a large display, intuitive interface, and versatile connectivity options. With a 9-inch high-resolution display, it offers clear and detailed mapping information. The intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and access various functions and settings.

    The highlight of this bundle is the HALO20 radar, which provides reliable target detection and excellent performance, even in challenging weather conditions. Its advanced technology allows for accurate and quick identification of objects in the vicinity, enhancing situational awareness and safety. With its compact size and lightweight design, the HALO20 radar is suitable for a wide range of vessels.


    Raymarine Axiom+ 12 - 12" MFD Chartplotter w/Navionics+ Chart


    The Raymarine Axiom+ 12 is a high-performance chartplotter that offers advanced features and a large 12-inch high-resolution display. It comes with a preloaded Navionics+ chart, providing comprehensive and up-to-date mapping data. The Axiom+ 12 boasts a user-friendly interface, intuitive controls, and versatile connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    With its powerful processing capabilities, the Axiom+ 12 ensures fast and responsive operation, allowing for seamless navigation and real-time data processing. The device supports additional features such as AIS integration, radar overlays, and fishfinder capabilities, providing boaters with comprehensive situational awareness. The Axiom+ 12 is built to withstand the marine environment and offers a durable and reliable solution for boating enthusiasts.


    SI-TEX NavPro 1200 w/Wifi - Includes Internal GPS Receiver/Antenna

    SI-TEX NAVPRO 1200

    The SI-TEX NavPro 1200 is a feature-rich chartplotter designed to enhance the boating experience. It comes with an integrated GPS receiver/antenna, eliminating the need for external devices and ensuring accurate positioning information. The built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows for wireless access to software updates, charts, and weather data.

    With its large display screen, the NavPro 1200 offers clear and detailed information for better visibility and readability, even in challenging lighting conditions. The user-friendly interface with an intuitive menu system makes it easy to navigate and access various functions and settings. The NavPro 1200 supports AIS integration, enabling the display of AIS targets for improved situational awareness and collision avoidance.

    In addition, the device is compatible with the NMEA 2000 standard, allowing for seamless integration with other NMEA 2000 devices and sensors. It offers waypoint management functionality, customizable data displays, and the capability to integrate and display weather data. The NavPro 1200 is built to withstand the marine environment, featuring a rugged construction and an IPX7 waterproof rating.



    All three products offer unique features and capabilities that cater to different boating needs. The BG Vulcan 9 Radar Bundle stands out with its combination of a reliable chartplotter and the HALO20 radar. This bundle provides enhanced situational awareness and target detection capabilities, making it an ideal choice for boaters navigating in challenging environments.

    The Raymarine Axiom+ 12 Chartplotter offers a large display, advanced features, and seamless navigation with its preloaded Navionics+ chart. It provides comprehensive mapping data and supports additional functionalities such as AIS integration and fishfinder capabilities. The Axiom+ 12 excels in providing a user-friendly interface and versatile connectivity options.

    The SI-TEX NavPro 1200 combines an internal GPS receiver/antenna, Wi-Fi connectivity, and AIS support. It offers waypoint management, customizable data displays, and integration of weather data. The NavPro 1200 is designed to be durable and provides a straightforward installation process.



    BG Vulcan 9 Radar Bundle

    Raymarine Axiom+ 12 Chartplotter

    SI-TEX NavPro 1200

    Display Size

    9 inches

    12 inches

    12 inches

    Chart Compatibility

    Navionics, C-MAP, NV Digital

    Navionics, C-MAP, Raymarine LightHouse

    C-MAP, Navionics

    Radar Compatibility

    HALO20 Radar included

    Compatible with Raymarine Radar


    GPS Receiver/Antenna





    NMEA 2000, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

    NMEA 2000, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

    NMEA 2000, Wi-Fi

    AIS Support




    Waypoint Management




    Weather Data Integration




    Waterproof Rating

    IPX6 and IPX7

    IPX6 and IPX7


    Additional Features

    Radar bundle included

    Fishfinder, Sonar, Radar compatible

    Customizable data displays




    What is a chartplotter? 

    A chartplotter is a navigational device used by boaters to display electronic charts, GPS position, and other relevant information for navigation purposes.


    What are the essential features to consider when choosing a chartplotter? 

    Key features to consider include display size and resolution, chart and mapping options, connectivity capabilities, ease of use, and compatibility with other marine electronics.


    Can I use a chartplotter for navigation in both inland and coastal waters? 

    Yes, many chartplotters offer mapping options that cover both inland and coastal waters. However, it's important to ensure the chartplotter you choose has the appropriate charts for your desired navigational areas.


    How do chartplotters acquire GPS positioning? 

    Chartplotters typically acquire GPS positioning through an internal GPS receiver or an external antenna. The receiver or antenna receives signals from GPS satellites to determine the device's position.


    Can chartplotters be used for route planning? 

    Yes, chartplotters often have route planning functionality. Users can create and save routes, add waypoints, and calculate distances and estimated times of arrival along the planned route.


    Can I update the charts on my chartplotter? 

    Yes, most chartplotters allow for chart updates. These updates can include the latest mapping data, points of interest, navigational aids, and other relevant information. Updates can usually be obtained through the manufacturer's website or software.


    Can chartplotters display other data, such as weather or radar information? 

    Some chartplotters have the capability to display additional data, such as weather information, radar overlays, AIS targets, and fishfinder data. However, this functionality may require additional sensors or modules.


    How should I install and mount a chartplotter on my boat? 

    Proper installation and mounting are crucial for optimal performance. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for installation, ensuring a secure and vibration-free mounting location with clear visibility and easy access to controls.


    How do I troubleshoot common issues with my chartplotter? 

    If you encounter issues, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer's customer support for troubleshooting steps. Common troubleshooting steps may include checking power connections, updating software or maps, and verifying signal reception.


    Can I integrate a chartplotter with other marine electronics on my boat? 

    Yes, many chartplotters are designed to integrate with other marine electronics, such as radars, sonars, AIS systems, autopilots, and VHF radios. This integration allows for enhanced functionality and a more comprehensive marine electronics network.

    Remember, specific chartplotter models may have unique features and requirements, so referring to the user manual and contacting the manufacturer's support team can provide more specific and accurate information for your particular chartplotter.



    Investing in a high-quality GPS chartplotter can significantly enhance your fishing experiences. Whether you prefer the innovative features of B&G, the excellence of Raymarine, or the affordability of SI-TEX, there is a chartplotter that suits your needs. 

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